Some PCAM members might be interested in the MPA’s revamped and updated course on Modern Music Publishing Practice, which will be run over five Monday evening sessions starting on 28 January and ending on 25 March.

All sessions will run from 5.30-8.30 pm at the PPL Office, 1 Upper James Street, Soho, London W1F 9DE, on the following dates:

Session 1 – 28 January
Session 2 – 11 February
Session 3 – 25 February
Session 4 – 4 March
Session 5 – 25 March

Content and Topics

The MPA Intermediate Course provides a more in-depth look at the music publishing business and expands on topics explored on the MPA Induction Course. It is designed for people at the mid-level stage in their career who are seeking to refine their existing knowledge and gain a more hands-on, practical understanding of the music publishing business.

Each session will cover a different aspect of music publishing, and the course will be run by Dennis Collopy (IP and Music Rights Researcher, Music Publisher, Artist Manager). As well as a panel, each session will feature breakout workshops for a more in-depth look at the topic being considered.

Session 1: Monday 28th January – The Music Publishing Context

Session 1 will look at how modern music publishing works across genres and different uses, with different relationships from ‘full service’ publishers to ‘rights managers’, and will also explore how publishers are changing to meet the demands of the modern industry.

Session 2: Monday 11th February – Music Publishing Contracts

Session 2 will look at the spectrum of choice in UK songwriter v publisher agreements and sub-publishing and licensing agreements in the age of global and multi-territory licensing.

Session 3 : Monday 25th February – Music Copyright Essentials

Session 3 will take a look at the essential role of copyright law in music publishing, including the differences between EU and Anglo-American IP norms that impact licensing, infringement and enforcement. It will also touch on why Article 13 matters.

Session 4: Monday 4th March – Music Publishing Licensing & Revenue Collection

Session 4 will look at International collective and direct licensing, including blanket and source licensing across different channels, the key role of collection societies and the challenges of managing massively increased digital data volumes. The impact of the US Music Modernisation Act will also be explored.

Booking Session 5: Monday 25th March – Music Publishing Creative Exploitation

Session 5, the final session of the course, will look at how publishers add value by setting up collaborations and chasing covers, sync and new licensing opportunities, as well as the benefits of the publisher’s network.


You can book for all five sessions or for individual sessions by clicking on the individual session links above.

MPA Members can book individual sessions for a discounted rate of £37.50 + VAT (£45) per session or £166.67 + VAT (£200) for all five sessions.

MMF Members can book individual sessions for a rate of £58.33 + VAT (£70) per session or £291.65 + VAT (£350) for all five sessions.

Non-Members can book individual sessions for a rate of £83.33 + VAT (£100) per session or £416.65 + VAT (£500) for all five sessions.

All of the above are subject to an online booking fee of 1.4%.

Best regards and Happy New Year!
The PCAM Committee