HELPDESK FAQs - Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4

For many years, PCAM had a Telephone Helpline, where members could ring with questions or problems and get expert help and advice.  Times change, and the telephone Helpline became an email Helpdesk, but the questions – and the quality of advice – have remained the same.

The questions brought to the Helpdesk usually reflect issues that many PCAM members encounter, especially those who are just beginning their careers, so we thought it might be useful to create the occasional PDFs with Helpdesk Highlights, in the hope that both the questions and their answers might shed some light on day-to-day working practices.

Click on the PDFs below to view or download them and we hope they are of some help to you.


Helpdesk – Volume One (PDF) 2021
Topics covered (in order):
PCAM Website Overview
Usage of Samples
Usage Guidelines
Session Singers/Musicians Fees
Charity Tracks
Film Tracks
Mnemonics/Sonic Stings
Overseas Usage
….And finally, How do I get into the business ?

Helpdesk – Volume Two (PDF) 2022
Topics covered (in order):
In Perpetuity
Lyric Copyright
Overseas Territories
Overseas Royalties
Rate Card
Cue Sheets
Internet Usage
TV Idents

Helpdesk – Volume Three (PDF) 2023
Topics Covered (in order):
Starting Out
Internet Percentage
Overseas Budget Breakdown
Re-Mixing a Copyright Track
Overseas Brand Commission
Audible / Lawyers
Demo Rights / Lawyers
PCAM Contract / Special Stipulation Box
Bespoke Vs Library Music
….And finally, Industry Practice

Helpdesk – Volume Four (PDF) 2024
Topics Covered (in order):
Registering Compositions
Quoting (x4)
Quoting Overseas (x2)
USA Usage / / Lawyers
Payment Terms
Social Media (x2)
What does PCAM Offer ?
….And finally, Welcome to PCAM !