Performance Insurance has just launched the PCAM Landing page on their website – CLICK to find out about the different insurances they offer and to obtain quotes at the PCAM special rates.

Last year PCAM unveiled a new professional indemnity insurance coupled with cyber liability which offered our members a special rate with the leading media industry insurers Performance Insurance.

The Society for Producers and Composers of Applied Music partners with Performance Insurance to offer affordable – and vital – indemnity and cyber liability insurance in face of rising copyright claims and cyber hacks.

London, UK, 1 March 2022:  The Society for Producers and Composers of Applied Music (PCAM) today announces a partnership with creativity industry specialists Performance Insurance to offer independent composers, small agencies and large businesses vital protection against the rising rate of copyright claims through indemnity insurance. PCAM, an industry trade association which protects the rights of composers producing music for advertising and other applied music purposes, is the sole representative body of music ad writers in the UK. Professional indemnity insurance protects composers against claims that their work is in breach of copyright. PCAM’s offer defends agencies and brands from unexpected lawsuits and empowers amateur composers to create without fear of unknowingly breaking either copyright, or Cyber and Privacy, laws. PCAM’s indemnity insurance covers claims arising from copyright or intellectual property infringement, including defence costs during legal cases and the cost of a musicologist who determines the similarities of any creative output. Other areas of coverage offered are, among others, Public Liability to cover third party property damage or injury, and Employers Liability to cover injury to staff, freelancers or volunteers.

Paul Reynolds, Chair of PCAM, said “The ad landscape has shifted, and music is no longer limited to just TV campaigns. In the digital era, creative outputs bounce around the globe. Assets are sliced and diced from TV and onto YouTube, Instagram ,TikTok and beyond. Whilst this is great for reach, it has sparked a new wave of copyright issues and put composers at risk. “AI technologies are analysing huge swathes of advertising music for copyright infringements, with composers being liable if any copyright claims are made.  We need to ensure that composers, agencies and brands can create great music without fearing a costly legal battle.”

Gareth Graham, Account Executive from Performance Insurance, said “Although we tend to operate in the background, we are incredibly proud to be able to offer first class support to those in the creative industry. Our insurance heroes are always on hand to advise you, taking the pressure of the makers so they can continue to create.” Becoming a member of PCAM gives access to the best professional indemnity insurance rates in the UK. The cheapest option, aimed at students, starts at £12.50. The most expensive band, meant to protect larger businesses, costs £275 per six months. The full breakdown of membership options can be found here.

About PCAM PCAM was formed in 1982 as an industry forum for composers focused on creating advertising music. Forty years later, it boasts a membership consisting of some of the most influential and prolific composers from the media and advertising sectors. The strong ties that it has to the IPA (Institute of Practitioners of Advertising) have generated best-practice music commissioning guidelines widely accepted by UK advertising agencies. To learn more about what PCAM has to offer, please visit their homepage at

About Performance Insurance For more than twenty years, Performance Insurance has been providing assistance to the Media and Creative Industries of all sizes. The company seeks to help those in the media sector find the right insurance package the best suits their requirements and budget. They offer a wide range of covers including Professional Indemnity to cover claims arising from Copyright or Intellectual Property infringement, Public Liability to cover third party property damage or injury, Employers Liability to cover injury to staff, freelancers or volunteers and much more. If you are interested in finding out more about Performance Insurance, you can continue reading at